6 Way Power Drop Soco

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SPX6 is ONEstage's truss-mountable Socapex break-out box. Suitable for use on permanent and semi-permanent installs, pre-rigged truss, touring rigs or powering LED screens, the SPX6 utilises our PSD (patch selector dial) tapeless labelling system; users simply turn the dial to the appropriate position to indicate the source supply. Designed with lighting rental houses, touring rigs, theatres and auditoriums in mind, the SPX6 is also suitable for other applications where remote control is required for power outlets that aren't easily accessible. Each output is labelled in a discrete black on grey design for minimal visual appearance.

When used in conjunction with compatible cabling systems and headers, the SPX6 offers 6 discreet outputs on 15a AU/NZ Type I receptacles.


  • 6x Standard AU/NZ Type I 15amp outlets

  • Industry-leading LK branded connector

  • Blanking plate facilitates easy addition of a Throughput connector or moving the location of the input connector

  • Ruggedized Lightweight aluminium enclosure

  • Textured finish and anodised black for low reflectivity

  • Black ABS feet for increased durability

  • UV stabilized black outlets allow for low stage presence and long lifespan

  • Medical grade Polycarbonate Label and adhesive with a matte finish prevents reflections

  • 8-position Colour and Letter labelled PSD (patch selector dial) for tapeless labelling and easy identification.

  • Earth buss bar aggregates all 7 earth connections to ensure maximum compatibility and low earth loop impedance.

  • Truss mountable via integral M8 threaded inserts

  • Shares the same physical form factor as ONEstage SSD & SPD products

  • The overall weight of 1.2kg saves rigging weight and transport cost

  • 2x M4 holes for mounting additional accessories

  • Plastic-free, recycled cardboard packaging

  • Proudly made in Melbourne Australia


  • Current carrying capacity of the SPX6 is limited to the supply cable, systems and all other upstream equipment.

  • Whilst every effort was made to prevent the potential ingress of dust and moisture, the SPX6 is NOT officially IP rated

  • M8 threaded inserts are not TUV rated

  • Specs are subject to change without notice